Please register once if you are new to us, then you will be able to make your first booking, you always see the coming two weeks, booking is possible till 24h before class start.

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Donnerstag, 13.05.2021
We are closed on 13.05.2021 due to holiday.
Freitag, 14.05.2021
1800 Uhr Semi private Duet level 1
1915 Uhr Reformer trio athletes
Montag, 17.05.2021
1330 Uhr Zoom Pilates, small Props
1900 Uhr Private Semi Duett , Intermediate 1-2
2015 Uhr private single
Dienstag, 18.05.2021
1900 Uhr Zoom mat Basic
2015 Uhr ZOOM surprise Int.1
Mittwoch, 19.05.2021
1900 Uhr Semi private Duet basic
2015 Uhr private single
Donnerstag, 20.05.2021
1130 Uhr NEW Zoom Pre/Postnatal
2015 Uhr ZOOM MAT
Freitag, 21.05.2021
1800 Uhr Semi private Duet level 1
1915 Uhr Reformer trio athletes
Montag, 24.05.2021
We are closed on 24.05.2021 due to holiday.
Dienstag, 25.05.2021
We are closed on 25.05.2021 due to holiday.
Mittwoch, 26.05.2021
We are closed on 26.05.2021 due to holiday.
Donnerstag, 27.05.2021
We are closed on 27.05.2021 due to holiday.

Stars : I count 5 for a group Reformer class, 8 for a SEMI PRIVATE DUET,  16 SINGLE PRIVATE,only one is allowed.  (its the Corona reduce since March).

All cards are limited : Star Cards 5-10weeks, Private Single cards limited 6- 12 weeks.Cancellation till 12noon  the day before the lesson, via contact-form or sms/mail. The group class starts with three bookings, if there only two I do a SEMI PRIVATE DUET with all machines. If i have only one class booking, I will ask if a SINGLE PRIVATE lesson is possible or I cancel the class.

Saturdays/Sundays: Workshops, Specials, Private Lessons

Please read: the AGB       

Language used will be English or German depending on majority of participants. Cancellations must be made until 10 am day before the course via contact-form, so that others may have a chance to book. If you want to book on short notice and the system has closed booking for the desired course, please send us a note via contact-form or telefone. We will respond ASAP.