Pilates at Bonn City

Pilates Loft Bonn mit Jeanne Schaefer-Groebel

Welcome to Pilates Loft, welcome to the world of Joseph Pilates machines. Right now start, give you shape and strength. Only here you have a synchron Reformer Training till 5 participants in different levels , perfect semi private duet Reformer, Tower, Chair, Arc and more.

Beauty comes from within, Pilates gives you the perfect posture, a smooth gait and radiance. Stand tall and make an impression, your spine is your true treasure , it accompanies you throughhout your life !

Newbies start: 2-3 private single lessons. You learn how you get a deep muscle contraction, a real scoop, the breath, the stand and more. To understand my cues you need to know some bone marks and how to use the equipment. You recieve some individuel motions for your hometraing to increase faster your strength.

Newbies Basic Workshop Sa.4.3./So.5.3.each starts 12.00–14.15 (100€).

Pilates is high concentrated moving, this is what it makes hard and so effective, Joseph Pilates called it contrology : Phone me : 0228 24001680

Regular training is effective for pain relief and prevention when done consciously and precisely. I support you in this, you feel muscles that you never have noticed before. You build strength in a very short time, defined muscles and a inner steel core.

Profit from my ambitious to go on with Pilates, after all my Polestar Pilates educations I ad 2017 the classical Pilates education (3 years) and I am still in training weekly, with mentor Patricia Medros. For me it is a never ending process of development as teacher. I feel responsible for your progress, I coach you to reach your goals, I give you a knew body awareness and you will love Pilates like I do.

Best private single lessons , 20 years Pilates teaching experience, 14 years private single lessons with the Pilates equipment, cert. Teacher Polestar and PSAP/PMA.

I respect your body , private single lessons always individuel, depending to your health.

Enjoy all ! Cadillac, Reformers, Toweread more…