Pilates at Bonn City

Pilates Loft Bonn mit Jeanne Schaefer-Groebel

Welcome to Pilates Loft, already 10 years , welcome to the world of Joseph Pilates machines. Only here you have a synchron Reformer Training till 5 participants in different levels, perfect semi private duets and single private lessons with all machines.

Beauty comes from within, Pilates gives you the perfect posture, a smooth gait and radiance. Stand tall and make an impression, your spine is your true treasure , it accompanies you throughhout your life !

GREAT , YOU WANT TO LEARN PILATES , that‘s the first step to success


Everyone starts with 2-3 private single lessons , choose your start.

FIRST Option : 2 private single lessons and one group reformer class.

SECOND Option : 3 private single lessons with some videos.

PHONE ME . 0228 24001680

You learn … how to change the steel springs in the Reformer and to activy a deep muscle contraction, the breath, a bit anatomy . You need to be able to follow my cues in the group in English / German.

Without preparation , they are overhelmed in the group, method and equipment are demanding, just like my lessons , everyone is corrected , learn step by step.

Pilates is high concentrated moving, this is what it makes hard and so effective, Joseph Pilates called it contrology .

Regular training is effective for pain relief and prevention when done consciously and precisely. I support you in this, you feel muscles that you never have noticed before. You build strength in a very short time, defined muscles and a inner steel core.

Profit from my ambitious to go on with Pilates, after all my Polestar Pilates educations I ad 2017 the classical Pilates education (3 years) and I am still in training weekly, with mentor Patricia Medros. For me it is a never ending process of development as teacher. I feel responsible for your progress, I coach you to reach your goals, I give you a knew body awareness and you will love Pilates like I do.

Best private single lessons , 20 years Pilates teaching experience, 14 years private single lessons with the Pilates equipment, cert. Teacher Polestar and PSAP/PMA.

I respect your body , private single lessons always individuel, depending to your health.

Enjoy all ! Cadillac, Reformers, Toweread more…