Nov.8.-22.11.18.:Rome , PSAP Education Pilates classical mat and Foundation System, 72h hospitation ,coaching, education Patricia Medros.

June 23/24: Scolioses Education with Annette Plank, Polestar

2018/23.5.-1.6.: PSAP certified Mentorship from Patricia Medros, second generation, 20h hospitation ,coaching, observation, classic Pilates with Gratz Equipment in Rome.

2018/March: “Push and Pulls” with Christian Lutz, Pilates Akademie.

2018/ Januar : Education “Fascia in motiom” with Elisabeth Larkam from San Francisco ,one of the Polestar founder.

2017/November: Classical Pilates in Rome ,supervision Patricia Medros (PMA second Generation Teacher) certified 1998 from Romana Kryzanovska one of First Pilates Generation teachers.

2017/November: Pilates Spine Pathologie – Polestar

2017/October: Patho-Kinesiology of Upper Extremity – Polestar

2017/October: Patho-Kinesiology of Lower Extremity – Polestar

2017/June: Education: Pilates for the dancer. Screening, rehabilitation, prevention, technique.

2017 /Shelly Power: Master Training

2017 /22.3 Shelly Power : Upgrade Polestar Comprehensive – alle Geräte

2017/23.3.Shelly Power : Upgrade Polestar Reformer

2016 Dez. Women’s health: Pregnancy, Menopause,Osteoporosis etc.

2016 Nov.Berlin: Walk analysis, Anatomy and Tests.

2016 /13.-15.2 Professional examination techniques of lower extremities, anatomy, extended Tests and analysis for single training.

2015 Nov. Pilates back special for Arc & Reformer.

2015 Sept:Pilates rehabilitation programme for hip and knee joint diseases/replacement with “Beth Kapalanek”, from New York

2015 Juni:  Pilates for endurance sports species: jogging, sprinting ,triathon, biking…

2015 Mai: Pilates rehabilitation programme for  rheumatic diseases, arthrosis, fibromyalgia…

2015 Certificate “Reformer” Training  with focus on group-training on the reformer, Gruppentraining auf dem Reformer,Polestar America Brent Anderson

2014: Pilates for rotation sports: golf, tennis, hockey, handball…

12.4.2014 Opening “Pilates Loft”

2014 Certifikate “Studio” training Polestar America, Brent Anderson, examination by  Alexander Bohlander, chief Polestar Germany

2014 aktive membership and recognition by the  “Deutschee Pilates Verband, DPV” . Membership will only be extended if sufficient further education is proven.

2013/2014 Polestar Reformer training =  focus: group-training.

2011/2013 Polestar Studio training = focus single training on equipment: Trapeze Table, Reformer, Chair, Barrel,S pine Corrector, Arc.

2007 – 2010  Pilates Bodymotion : mat, instructor training

2005 – 2008  Trainer licenses (B/C) Pilates,Yoga, children therapeutical dancing

1990 …        dancer, dancing instructor, autogenic training (Frau Dr.Eberlein)