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Tickets for course lessons

start newbies: 2 privats & 1x Ref. group145€
Newbies start :3 Single lessons195€
Newbies:semi private duet machines,45,-each pers.  45€
25 Stars, training variety145€
50 Pilates Stars, training varierty245€
Special price april :monthly card, 2x week 145€
drop in: Group 30,- not for newbies  30€
drop in trio, only for regular customers  40€
Semi private duet, machines  55€
Workshop: 2hrs or 10stars  55€

Tickets for Private Lessons

10x Private Single lesson all machines/12weeks800€
One private single lesson 60 min.  90€
xl private single lesson 90min.125€
10 semi private duet individual, synchron maschinesines*500€

Please read: the  AGB   You pay with Pilates Stars, everything can be settled with them., goal is a diverse Training. This gives you a maximum flexibility, you book than weekly in schedule your classes. I count 5 stars Reformer group, 6 Trio, 8 semi private duet, 16 single private lesson. Star cards limited from 6-11 weeks , If you continue the training in the following week, I ad the rest stars (max.2) on the knew card.

If you prefer semi Duet , you need the semi private duet card. A permanent has different rules, it is a fixed appointment weekly, over 10 weeks, which has set to the beginning of all. A lesson cannot therfore be cancelled of one participants, only by both, within the cancellation period (24h) and max. 2 times in 12 weeks. It is best to arrange this in advance, it is possible to find another date, but only once for each side, fairness.

Please book your desired lesson-card first, then book the desired lesson from the  schedule page according to your level. Places are limited group 4-5 places. With your booking confirmation you will receive my bank-data for subsequent pament of yor booking

In case you need to cancel a reservation already made, do so not later than 30h before the course, so place can be aviable again for others. Cancellations revceived later will be charged.