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Course Lessons
Zoom test lesson group20 €
1 Test lesson Duo35 €
1x test lesson private single class65 €
Test:Three Private Single lessons195 €
One lesson Reformer/Mat30 €
25 Pilates Stars,flexible, 5 weeks limit135 €
50 Pilates Stars,for all,10weeks235 €
Zoom Contrology mat 4 lessons85 €
Early Bird Card 5x/5Wo.125 €
Private Lessons
10x Private Single lesson all machines775€
5xSingle privat class415€
10x Semi Private Duet450€
5x Semi Private Duet250€
One private single lesson 85€

Please read: the  AGB

NEW PILATES STARS, you can use them for all classes, you book weekly in the schedule your favourite lessons .Star cards limited 5-10 weeks ,If you continue the training in the following week, you can ad the rest stars (max.2) on the knew card. If there only two bookings , I do a SEMI PRIVATE DUET , group needs three.

Reformer Group 5 Stars ; SEMI PRIVATE DUET 8 ; SINGLE PRIVATE 17 (a SINGLE PRIVATE is only one time allowed on the 50 Star card.

Stars count like that- since the Covid reduced

-5 stars one Reformer Group.


-17 stars Single Private Lesson ,its only one allowed on the 50 Stars Card.

Please book your desired lessn-card first, then book the desired lesson from the  schedule page according to your level. Places are limited to 3-5 places. With your booking confirmation you will receive my bank-data for subsequent pament of yor booking.

In case you need to cancel a reservation already made, please do so not later than 12noon at the day before the start of the course, so that others may have a chance to book. Cancellations revceived later will be charged.