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Pilates in Bonn City-Center by Jeanne Schaefer-Groebel

Welcome to the Pilates Loft, the first Pilates-Studio in Bonn offering the full range of Pilates-Equipment. Experience new dimensions of Pilates, where training on the mat is complemented by exercising on a wide range of equipment. Enjoy Pilates Training as close as possible to the original by J.H. Pilates in New York.

You will find a wide selection of different courses, supplemented by Personal Training sessions (mat and/or equipment), for you alone or maybe together with your best friend, and tailored to your own special requirements.

New Equipment has arrived. We now also offer training on the Reformer  or Reformer-training combined with Tower, Chair and Arc in Groups of five persons max.

The Pilates Loft is unique in Bonn. Over 80 square meters of training area, daylighted rooms and quietness provide for concentrated and effective training. The program offers great flexibility: customers choose freely from the whole range of courses with a minimum advanced booking deadline of only 24 hrs.

There are several good reasons to start with Pilates-Training: shape your body, stabilize spine and joints, enhance concentration/coordination, improve posture and performance, enjoy moving and all together reach a better quality of life.

Achieve your personal training goals with the help of a certified trainer, at best two times a week. Private training is most effcient, but also with group training will you experience first effects as fast as 10-12 weeks after beginning of exercises.

Regular workshops are held on Saturdays (see here).

Special training units on mats, small equipment (roll, mini-ball …) or Pilates Arc for balance, power and strength of your back round up a comprehensive range of courses.

More advanced and demanding exercise is available through single, personalized lessons on the larger equipment (Trapeze Table, Reformer). Personally adjusted springs (important for beginners!) eliminate gravity and provide training dimensions not achievable by sole training on the mat.

Profit from my long experience and passion to Pilates, revitalize body and mind by concentrated and effective training. J.H. Pilates would say:

”Always keep your mind wholly concentrated on the purpose of the exercise as you perform them.“

You will find it right in the Center of Bonn.