Pilates at Bonn City

      Pilates at Bonn City with Jeanne Schaefer-Groebel

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Welcome to Pilates Loft,  the only Pilates Studio in Bonn offering training on all  equipment that Joseph Pilates used for instruction since 1929 in New York. The Pilates Loft offers  Reformer group class until 5 people or enjoy a  perfect Duo training , each person one machine. Group training with highest quality instead of quantity !


Choose your start

1. you book the test package with 2 private single lessons an two group classes.With this option you learn the Pilates Principles and use all machines.

2. you take your best friend and book a private Duo session with all machines, choose in schedule or make an appointment.

3.you book a  test lesson Reformer or Mat group class in the schedule.

4.You take for the best start one or three private single lessons with all machines, make an appointment phone me.

START NOW with the FIRST CARD or buy the Pilates Stars, it give’s you a maximum of flexibility. You can use them for all group lessons, Workshops, Trio and Duo. Whenever you have time to do Pilates , just do it ! Read all details in the schedule. Classes can be English/German.

After registration you choose your classes weekly in schedule, depending on your level.

Profit from my ambitious to go on with Pilates educations, after Polestar now the classical Pilates, for me it is a never ending process of development as teacher. I am responsible for your progress, I coach you to reach your goals, i give you a knew body awareness and you will love Pilates like I do.

Best private single lessons , 17 years teaching experince, 11 years private machine lessons. i respect your body , the training is always individual.

Enjoy the Cadillac, Reformers, Towers, Chairs, Spine Corrector, Arcs, Oovs and Barrels. Send me your special wishes for private classes ,via the contact-form, or phone me : 0228-24001680.

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